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Get A Resetting Dry Fire Trigger For Only $17

Special One-Time Price of $17 For Multi Caliber Dry Fire Cord
Dry Fire Cord blocks your chamber for safer dry fire and will give you a resetting trigger on Glocks, M&Ps, Sigs, 1911s, etc without having to rack the slide! It's the ultimate "Trigger Control" training tool for your gun. You'll get 9, .40, and .45 (ONLY AVAILABLE WITHIN THE UNITED STATES)

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    Real World Gunfight Training - Physical Only - Free + $9.95 Shipping$9.95
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    Real World Gunfight Training Digital (PDF & ePub for e-readers)$19.95
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    Real World Gunfight Training Digital (PDF & ePub for e-readers)+ Physical Copy (Free Shipping)$19.95
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    Real World Gunfight Training Digital (PDF & ePub for e-readers)+ 10 Physical Copies (Free Shipping)$200.00

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    Your 8.5x11 paperback Real World Gunfight Training

    In chapter 1, we’re going to go through a neurological drill that has improved speed + accuracy an AVERAGE of 20% (in minutes)

    In chapter 2, I’m going to tell you a little bit about my backstory--multiple concussions, chronic illness, vision issues, vertigo, and the pain that caused/allowed this training to happen.

    In chapter 3, we’ll look at how adding context and the 6 Attack Factors to your training can cause a 2X-4X improvement in rapid decision making!

    In chapter 4, we’ll cover the Achilles’ heels of military and law enforcement training--and a training modification that cut the number of rounds of ammo needed to perform at an elite level in surprise attacks by an unbelievable 99.4%!.

    In chapter 5, you'll learn how to train so you hardwire skill you can use under stress instead of just creating fun memories of training.

    Chapter 6 covers the 9 keys of accelerated learning for learning and training physical skills, like self-defense pistol, that you want to be able to perform at a high level under stress when lives depend on your performance.  Just 1 of them can increase the amount of skill you hardwire by 40% PER DAY!

    Chapter 7 is going to blow your mind and is unlike anything you have ever seen in firearms training before. I’m going to introduce you to the 3 neurological pillars of elite performance.  It's how I get huge, fast jumps in performance with shooters--in minutes--without changing gear or technique.

    In Chapters 8 & 9 we'll cover how to put it all together as well as a sample sequence of drills. 


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